Photo Credit: Andy Macpherson
Photo Credit: Andy Macpherson
Photo Credit: Andy Macpherson


The name is a playful derivative of where we live. Surrounded by sand and water, we joyfully live envious lives by taking advantage of the beautiful environment around us. We work where we play; our lifestyle is something we want to share with others. 

We choose to select and develop sites which will ultimately influence peoples’ lifestyles. We believe the built environment has always dealt with the ‘A’ typical requirement of providing people shelter, privacy and safety, however, our stronger belief is that the built form can shape and positively influence lifestyle choice.

Our goal is to develop sensibly-scaled projects provoking change to the way people view development. If we view Architecture more broadly and part of the landscape in which we live, then it in turn, should be capable of influencing the way we inhabit and play in our environment

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